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One of the renowned offshore Graphic studios delivers photo editing services like clipping path service, Photo Retouching, background removalNeck Joint, Image Masking, Shadow creation, and other Image enhancement services. A cost-effective price & make delivery within excellent turnaround.

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High quality, quick & cost-effective photo editing & Clipping path service for e-commerce brands and Photographers. Get back your edited images in just 24 hours

Clipping Solutions is a Photo Editing & Clipping Path Service Provider Company in Bangladesh near India. It is one of the renowned offshore Graphic studio with state-of-the-art technologies. We are an online-based photo editing service provider, associated with multiple representatives in the USA, UK, Australia, Italy, and Germany. Our extensive production facilities and 24/7 availability give us the power to dominate the photo editing field.

Our Recent Work Samples

Image Masking home sample before Image Masking home sample after
reflection shadow home sample before reflection shadow home sample after
white bgreflection shadowdamy retouch home sample before white bgreflection shadowdamy retouch home sample after
E commerce product photo retouching before home sample E commerce product photo retouching after home sample
High End retouching 1 before home sample High End retouching 1 after home sample
ghost mannequin1 before home sample ghost mannequin1 after home sample
E commerce product photo retouching 1 before home sample E commerce product photo retouching 1 after home sample
Jewelry retouch before home sample Jewelry retouch after home sample
white bgsymmetric before white bgsymmetric after

Our Top-Notch Photo Editing Services

Photo Retouching Services before A model photo after apply photo retouching services

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching is one of the most popular photo editing services at this time. This service is used to correct any fault and enhance the appearance of a photo. Undoubtedly, Photo Retouching Service is a popular and frequently used service by a professional. Such as photographers, product photographers, Magazine publishers, advertising agencies, press agencies, and modeling photographers. 

Mainly, Our image retouching service consists of glamour retouching, portrait retouching, product retouching, human skin retouching, and jewelry photo retouching. You must apply the clipping path to do retouching correctly.

Photo Retouching Services before A model photo after apply photo retouching services
Yellow ladies bag before applying clipping path service Yellow ladies bag after applying clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path is one kind of photo editing service that is generally applied to background removing from photos. Clipping path service is also vastly used for object removal, multi-clipping path service, image masking, color-correction, and other photo editing services. CS committed to giving the best effort to make your photo stunning. 

Our dedicated team always ready to do the best clipping path using the Adobe Photoshop pen tools manually. Almost all type of photo clipping path services is available here.

A ladies shoe taken to apply clipping path service and drop shadow A ladies shoe after applying clipping path service and drop shadow

Drop Shadow Service

There is a unique team for Drop Shadow Creating Service in our company. And it is a creative job but very easy for our expert team members. You may choose us for any kind of drop shadow creating service. Though many graphic design companies work in some particular sectors, we are different from them and their ideas. 

We apply drop shadow creating service for the clients to give a graphical effect. That creates an illusion on the lower part of the image. And they require adding a natural and real professional look.

A ladies shoe taken to apply clipping path service and drop shadow A ladies shoe after applying clipping path service and drop shadow
work sample clipping path service before 1 work sample clipping path service after 1
work sample clipping path service before 1 work sample clipping path service after 1

Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service is mostly the same as the clipping path service. With this service, we cut out the image background and change them to our client’s requirement—clipping Solutions provides the best-quality image background removal services to our 800-plus clients around the world. 

There are many renowned tools for image background removal, but our processors use only Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and ensure 100% manual service. If you need a background removal service, just let us know.

Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service is one of the most popular and essential services that need to remove a tiny and tinny edge from a photo. Image masking is not a very reasonable photo editing service rather tricky and time-consuming. Without practical experience, none can mask any image entirely. Mostly, e-commerce and professional photographers need to copy masking service. 

On the other hand, website designers, advertising agencies, fashion houses, and professional graphic designers need image masking service.

How to Hair Masking in photoshop Original photo how to hair masking in photoshop final done image
Ladies top in a doll for ghost mannequin service clipping path service Ladies top after ghost mannequin clipping path service
Ladies top in a doll for ghost mannequin service clipping path service Ladies top after ghost mannequin clipping path service

Neck Joint Service

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service is a product image editing service. Commonly we apply this to the garments items like shirts, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and other things. A photographer initially takes 2 or 3 views of a product photo with the mannequin or ghost, like the front, back, and partial view. Our specialists use a partial view to generate the neck division and make a complete view as a real photo. 

With the help of the clipping path service, you may efficiently complete this task. Neck joint service is one of the parts of a photo manipulation service.

A lady wearing same and different color jacket an example of color correction service A lady wearing same and different color jacket an example of color correction service

Color Correction Service

Remarkably, Clipping Solutions is providing Photoshop Color Correction services at a very competitive price. Here we try to keep the deadline with the best qualities. Color Correction Service mentions a splashy issue in photo editing and as you need. Our experts & skilled designers can efficiently customize the color of any of your images. We have adequate graphics designers at our company. They are capable of dealing with all kinds of color correction services. 

Contact us to solve your photo color correction service as it is a big or small amount. You are always welcome to us to solve the Color Correct job as you need

A lady wearing same and different color jacket an example of color correction service A lady wearing same and different color jacket an example of color correction service
vector tracing before A exact example of vector tracing service
vector tracing before A exact example of vector tracing service

Vector Tracing Service

Photo Illustration service is familiar as a Raster to Vector Conversion Service. This service is also known as vector tracing. Raster images contain dots when you try to extend your raster image. It worsens pixels and loses quality alternatively vector files don’t miss the resolution, and you may enlarge vector images in any size. Vector images are useful for logo designing companies because logos need high resolution and high quality. 

Additionally, animation companies, banner design companies, and digital printing companies need this service to exact their services.

car image editing service with an original background car image editing service with a white background

Car Photo Editing service

Vehicle Enhancement Service is now convenient for car dealers. The goal of car dealership companies is to increase the sales of their vehicles as much as possible. For this reason, they hire professional photographers to prepare their car’s picture properly to place on their website. However, taking a picture of a vehicle is not enough. It needs to be appropriately edited by changing its background, and replacing it with a better image, and finally adding the dealership logo before uploading it on the website. 

Otherwise, the photos have not appropriately processed. Also, these may not be as useful and appealing as those that have been photo retouched. So, using car photo editing services can contribute to the company’s sales growth.

car image editing service with an original background car image editing service with a white background

why Our Service is best?

We provide 24 hour customer support for clipping path service

24 Hours of Customer Support

We are open 24 hours & we have no holidays. You will get excellent photo editing and clipping path service & support for all kinds of image editing needs. If you want to get instant feedback & reply simply email us:

We Provide Supper Quality Clipping Path Service

Three Door Check Point to ensure 100% Quality

For any small or big jobs, we check the images three times so that we can ensure 100% quality & can ensure 0% redo ratio

best price & best quality

$0.35/image is only our starting price.

Our starting price is only $0.35/image, which is the lowest price in the world. Within this price, we are offering unbelievable service & support. Simply try us today.

amazing discount on clipping path service

Unbelievable Discount for Bulk Quantity of Images

If you have a bulk quantity of images, you will get an excellent discount. If you think you will provide us more than 500 copies per day, you will get amazing discounts.

Quick Turnaround is a Symbol of Our Photo Editing Business Business

2h, 6h, 12h & 24h Turnaround

We have three types of Turnaround for the customers. 2h (Express Delivery), 6h, 12h & 24h. We always meet our Turnaround for our skilled & experienced team.

Easy Order Our Clipping Path Service

Easy to use our clipping path services

It is simple to use our services. Just send us some images clicking on the free trial & check the quality, fix a comfortable price you want. Send us your jobs & get your done images, if you are happy afterward make the payment.

Who Needs Our Services?

Professional photographers often use photo editing services to enhance the quality of their images, correct colors, remove imperfections, and achieve a desired aesthetic. It helps them too save their time.

young woman photographer min

Online retailers frequently use photo editing services to improve product images for their websites. This includes tasks such as background removal, color correction, and image resizing to make products look more appealing to customers

e commerce business t

Graphic designers rely on photo editing services to manipulate images, create visual effects, and design engaging graphics for various projects such as posters, brochures, and social media posts

graphic designer working min

Agencies use photo editing services to create visually stunning campaigns, retouch photos for advertisements, and ensure consistency across branding materials

agency min

Real estate professionals use photo editing services to enhance property images for listings, adjusting lighting, colors, and removing distractions to showcase homes in the best possible light.

realstate agent min


Printing firms often receive images from clients that may require adjustments to improve their quality for printing. Photo editing services can be used to enhance these images by adjusting brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color balance, ensuring they look their best when printed.

printing agency min


See what our happy customers say

We’re extremely satisfied with the photo editing services provided. Our fashion products look stunning, and the consistency in editing ensures a cohesive look across our online store. Their team is professional, responsive, and always delivers on time. A valuable partner for any e-commerce brand!

9cf7aae0 ellipse 601

Brian Robinson

Working with Clipping Solutions has been a game-changer for our business. The product images are crisp, clean, and incredibly professional. Their support and delivery timeline are super amazing. Highly recommended for their dedication and quality services. I will come back again.

76fdb2c8 ellipse 599

Graham Jones

They have just saved my life by delivering my project on time. I was looking for a clipping path Service company to handle all of my background cut-out projects. These guys provided amazing services with great support. Now I am a regular user of their services. Couldn’t say more about them. Very responsive.  

8a038359 ellipse 602

Norman Walker

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ clipping Solutions
What is Clipping Path Service?

A clipping path service is a technique used in image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to outline a specific part of an image, effectively separating it from the background. This technique is commonly employed in graphic design and photography to achieve precise selections and edits. By creating a defined path around an object, users can easily manipulate it without affecting surrounding elements. Clipping path services are essential for tasks like removing backgrounds, creating cutouts, or isolating objects for various purposes.

Do you offer a free trial for your editing services?

Absolutely Yes, You can request a free trial for 2 images maximum to test our quality. Send a free trial now!

What technique do you use, manual editing or AI?

Our editing services are 100% manual. We use Adobe Photoshop software for all kinds of editing. Using AI for editing can harm the quality of your images. So, we only use manual techniques to ensure the maximum quality of services.

What is the price of your editing services?

Price depends on the services and image complexity. However here is an overview of our – pricing – You can also request a custom quote for your project.

What if I do not like the results after editing?

You can request corrections until it is done according to your needs. However, most of the time there is no need to worry about the quality of results. We provide unlimited modifications until you are 100% satisfied.

What is the delivery timeline for the editing?

The delivery timeline depends on the image quantity. Normally our delivery timeline is 24 hours to a maximum of 72 hours. A larger batch of images can take longer than the normal delivery timeline. We can also deliver your files within 12 hours in case of an emergency.

How can I communicate with the clipping solutions team?

You can easily communicate with our support by visiting the contact page or using our live chat option which is in the bottom right corner. You can also use email- or phone- +8801713864624 for quicker response.

How to place an order?

Simply go to the order page and fill up the form then submit it. You can also order us via direct email:

Do you use FTP server for file transfer?

Yes, we use FTP servers to transfer the files. You can request an FTP account if you want to be a regular customer. You can also use other file transfer systems like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, One Drive, and other file transfer systems.  You can choose your preferred file-sharing system.

Do you provide 24 hours customer support for your services?

Yes, absolutely. We have a 24 hour customer support team to look after your queries.

Have Any Project In Mind?

If you have any questions about our services or pricing, feel free to say hello

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