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Drop Shadow Service

If any images don’t look natural or professional it will not be perfect for publishing. So you need to move yourself to an offshore graphic studio like Clipping Solutions, which can make nice changes to your business.


Clipping Solutions are skilled to create real shadow on the images that’s it looks natural & professional. On the other hand we are also experts to create a new drop shadow which also look completely natural. 

Drop shadow is a visual effect & it is consisting of drawing & it will focus a shadow of the objects. It will provide the impression that the images looked like raising above the objects.  On the other hand a drop shadow can be a rectangular gray or black area in a slightly different position of the objects.


We are working for several years & gathered so much experience in image optimization or on photos for publication or for online & print. & we know the different between artificial generated shadow & naturally generated shadow.

We know well that it is so much important to work with our clients to understand how will look the image & which shadow is perfect for which image. Our experts know some exceptional technique which can make your images dynamic & glossy.

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